Thoopid celebrated its FIRST birthday this month! It has been a pretty mind-blowing first year filled with pleasant surprises and learning curves along the way! We have gained incredible support locally and internationally from the guys at Adobe, 100% Indie, Makes Games SA, Starling, Feathers, Fresh Planet, Citrus Engine, Milkman Games and the list goes on and on to all of the brilliant people who have helped make Thoopid and Snailboy a success so far.

Let’s recap our first year! 2013 was Thoopid’s breakout year. We released our first mobile game Snailboy, An Epic Adventure on iTunes, and watched our EPIC hero skyrocket into the top 10 best new games in over 125 countries. Snailboy’s charm caught people’s attention locally and internationally, landing him in some noteworthy  publications around the globe such as CNN and IGN. When we didn’t think it could get much better, Snailboy was awarded an FWA and Dev Gamm award to roundoff 2013.

So far in 2014, we have launched Snailboy onto Samsung Apps with the help of 100% Indie and we are steadily climbing the charts. Not a bad first year for an indie games company out of South Africa, but we don’t intend to slow down any time soon.

Thoopid plans to keep up the pace for 2014, so we decided it was time to expand the team a bit and share our knowledge with two new interns.




His favourite game is Fall Out and SimCity and  his passions are conceptualising, modelling, animation, texturing and writing Dungeons and Dragons play books! His favourite animation of all time is How to Train your Dragon!




He is passionate about are lighting, compositing, 2D work, animation and surfing! His favourite animation of all time is Atlantis the Lost Empire and his favourite game is Hotel Dust for Nintendo DS.

These guys are recent graduates from The Animation School in Cape Town. They are both avid gamers who are keen to create beautiful games. Keep an out for these two additions to the Thoopid team and check here for new updates on what’s happening with Thoopid!