Snailboy’s month of exclusivity on Samsung Apps has come to an end and we are amped to get Snailboy ported onto a broader range of devices for Android. Amazon Apps Store for Android provides the compatibility we are looking for on a wide range of Android devices, from Kindle Fire to HTC smartphones.  Plus Amazon is the third largest apps store worldwide, available in nearly 200 countries, making itself an apps store we undoubtedly could not overlook.



Prepping Snailboy for the Amazon Apps Store started shortly after our launch on the Samsung Apps Store. From the beginning of our groundwork for Amazon, we couldn’t get over the simplicity of the developer portal. Their portal is clear, flexible and easy to navigate for indie game developers.  Above and beyond the developer portals sleekness was the willingness of the technical support team to help sort out any problems that popped up. The support team was hands on through the entire process, keeping us up to date with the latest updates and fixes while we were in development.

When the time came for submission onto the Samsung apps store we decided to start early to avoid any delays or unforeseen issues. Within one day of submission, we got a ping in our mailbox and Snailboy was approved and ready for sale.



Since Amazon has such a unique app store catering for so many devices, we decided to change a few things up a bit with Snailboy. When you enter the Amazon Apps Store you will notice that Snailboy is FREE! Thoopid has decided to give players the first 10 levels FREE to play and you can choose to pay to continue your adventure and unlock more epic levels!

After a week on the Amazon Apps Store, Snailboy is rapidly gaining popularity. The near real time reporting in Amazon’s developer portal makes it that much easier for self-publishing indie companies to track the success of games.  Overall, we just can’t say enough good stuff about Amazon Apps Store for Android!



Snailboy is now available on three different apps stores across Android and iOS devices, and we don’t intend to stop. Flash technology makes it possible to port your games to so many devices that there is certainly no need to slow down.

Keep checking the Thoopid blog to see which platform we are taking Snailboy to next!