First things first…

Gosh We Have Missed You! Our pursuit of producing Thoopid’s next totally dope mobile game saw us head deep under ground. Well actually, deep deep under water! Snailboy 2 ventures below the oceans surface to battle against his archenemy “Hermitron” a terrifying sea creature that has stolen Snailboys power giving shells.

We have built Snailboy 2 in Unity, so you can expect amazing new game play. Snailboy will now swim, bounce and float through coral caves whilst avoiding the treacherous creatures of the deep. “Snailboy & The Rise of Hermitron” is launching soon. So prepare to be wowed by this lovable adventure seeking mollusk once again!

So, as you can see we have been hard at work. And we can’t wait to share this goodness with all of you.

Happy gaming…

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