A good portion of the people making magic happen here at Thoopid are young folk fresh out of college. We’re all passionate about creating beautiful games and continually expanding our knowledge to produce the best work. With a unique team and working environment such as this we decided to open up our cozy office space and share some of our burgeoning wisdom with some interns!

Meet Adolf! He’s a 17 year old Capetonian, scoping out animation and the games industry to see if this is what dreams really are made of.

After a full day jam packed with concept meetings, texturing tips, rendering madness, animation and education, Adolf ended the day a new man. Interning certainly isn’t for the faint hearted.


1. Do you like coffee? If so, how do you like your coffee?

YES! Touch of milk and 3 sugars.

2. What’s your favourite game?

Warfare games, like Call of Duty on PS3

3. What’s you favourite animation?

The Croods

4. Which cartoon character would you be?

A Minion. (A man with his head in the right place.)

5. What do you think of what we do here at Thoopid?

The process of making games looks like a lot of hard work – way more than I originally thought, but it looks like a lot of fun and is all very interesting. The digital painting and texturing process is also amazing to see come to life.

His final thoughts, “Spending the day interning with Thoopid has been very helpful to show me the ropes. I’m still super keen to get into Animation and I would like to end up making games, but it’s going to be a lot harder than I thought.”

Keep an eye out for this youngster bursting with fresh ideas!