Snailboy: Rise of Hermitron Soft Launch in South Africa and Ireland

The time to sling into action has arrived. If you find yourself lucky enough to be living in the lovely countries of South Africa or Ireland then you can get your hands on Thoopid’s latest release, Snailboy: Rise of HermitronThe game is currently in its soft launch stage and will hit the global market very soon. Better keep an eye out. 


Snailboy: Rise of Hermitron is the second title in its franchise and is packed with loads of new features, larger and more beautiful environments, exciting new mechanics and copious amounts of rewarding gameplay.



All you have to do is HOP on over to the iTunes App store or click on this link here. You can  download the game and play the first 5 levels absolutely FREE.

With 25 exciting levels, beautiful underwater environments packed with loads of treasure and challenging mechanics, you’ll never have a moment to spare. Sling, slap, swim and hop your way to herodom to save Snailboy’s newfound ocean friends. Be careful though, because not all fish in the Coral Kingdom are there to be your friend.


Let the adventure begin…


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