Snailboy is FINALLY available on Android! Snailboy’s much anticipated launch back in September 2013 on iTunes was so successful that we couldn’t wait to land Snailboy on Android, but with so many apps stores and devices we wanted to make sure we went with the best strategy.



During Snailboy development we started chatting with the team at 100% Indie, an initiative started by Chillingo with Samsung Apps Store to support the thriving community of fellow independent mobile game developers.



  • Assistance with publishing your games on Samsung Apps
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Access to over 100 million Samsung users around the world
  • 90% Revenue Share


Their developer support and promotional marketing instantly pulled us in. All we had to do was send Snailboy in for review, and in less than 3 days, we got approved by 100% Indie. They were addicted to the quirky little guy and we were stoked to get him on Android. It was a perfect match, but with all good relationships, there are always a few unanticipated bumps along the way.

We prepped Snailboy for submission to the Samsung Apps store, and quickly learnt that Samsung’s app submission process is a bit more rigorous than the iTunes App Store. After some intense chats between the Samsung Technical team, Adobe and Thoopid we all finally worked it out. Snailboy was FINALLY approved for Samsung Apps! Thoopid celebrated with a quick high five around the room and then the marketing efforts began from Samsung, 100% Indie and the Thoopid team!

26 Feb UPDATE: Snailboy is No.1 in Paid Games and No.2 in Top Games overall on the Samsung Apps Store! Thanks Slimey fans for all the support!


Don’t miss Snailboy in action in the Samsung Launch Trailer!