Snailboy fans have been asking the burning question, “When is Snailboy coming to Google Play?!”

This is the million-dollar question with an answer that has kept us all waiting in anticipation for some time now. First off, launching Snailboy on Android via Samsung and Amazon has been a solid move for Snailboy, but we would like to see him on Google Play, considering it is the largest Android App Store worldwide. Sadly, as a game developer in South Africa we have run into a few logistical hurdles.

Google Play supports registration for South African developers, permitting South Africans to submit games to the Google Play store. However, South African developers do not have support to register as a Google Wallet merchant. Essentially this means South African devs. can make games and distribute them on Google Play, but we cannot sell games or virtual goods, such as in app purchases, to generate revenue from our hard work.

Here is a list of the supported countries provided by Google Play.

Recently Google Play has expanded its support to other countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand, according to Tech in Asia, but there is still no word on South Africa. For the time being, Snailboy is continuing to gain popularity internationally, topping charts on the Samsung and Amazon Apps Store, so we couldn’t be happier with our first game’s success. But we aren’t giving up on Google Play!

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