Since the launch of our first game, Snailboy-An Epic Adventure, last year the team has not stopped to take a break from gaming. Even before Snailboy hit the App Store, we were throwing around some fresh game ideas to get stuck into. Nevertheless Snailboy’s chart topping success inspired us to explore a bold new adventure for Snailboy, pushing his world and shell quests to new depths.

After a year of experience behind us, packed with snails and slime around the office, we decided it was time to take a breather from Snailboy for an hour.

So for fun, we decided to challenge our lead developer to create a game in an hour, similar to an extreme version of Ludum Dare! After an hour and fifteen minutes, our developer had risen to the challenge and fashioned together a little piece of endless, addictive tapping fun we like to call Tap the CoinWe showed the game to a few of our friends and family and soon realised they were hooked! We were left with only one option, share the game with the world.

After a day of melodic modifications and some added pixels, we are excited to announce the release of Tap the Coin! The new highly addictive and fast-paced game, available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play worldwide. Tap the Coin has one straightforward mission, tap the coin, earn a high score and out tap your friends! The more you tap, the better your coin becomes!

With over 20 unlockable coin achievements, Tap the Coin’s retro 8-Bit graphics combined with its frustratingly charming gameplay will have you hooked! You’ll be singing the theme song out loud while you are frantically tapping to see your face at the top of the leaderboards!

Don’t miss out on Tap the Coin!

WARNING: It is more addictive than ice cream!


Download Tap the Coin for Free on iPhone/iPad and Android Devices.

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