Miss us? We certainly have missed you! It’s almost time for us to come out of our, ahem, shell. We’ve been thoopid busy with the second release of Snailboy. You remember falling in love with the little snail with a big heart, right? You conquered the enchanted forest together while collecting magical shells.

Finally it’s time to introduce you to Snailboy’s next epic adventure, “The Rise of Hermitron.” Once again you’ll be amazed by the quality of the environments, and you’ll tear your hair out when you simply cannot beat a level! But this time the awesomeness is set in the strange depths of the ocean, where an evil hermit crab known as Hermitron is viciously taking over the undersea world. Snailboy, the shell obsessed slugger, must help his new found sea friends reclaim their world as he slings into his next magical instalment of Snailboy, Rise of Hermitron!

Snailboy “An Epic Adventure” was released in 2013 to global acclaim. The puzzle platformer has been downloaded in excess of 500 000 times, and is enjoyed by fans around the world. Snailboy “Rise of Hermitron” is due for release soon.

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